In May out at Be Fit Boot Camps, I had a great idea to run an attendance contest.  “I’ll hook and bait my campers to get out there more often by throwing in some Cool Prizes,” I thought.  (Anyone else like massages?)

We had Amy Hawkins, Joe Brown, and Kim Martin killing it in may with 14 sessions attended (great job team!)… with little miss Regan Albert coming in strong at 16 sessions (Go Regan Go!)

But.. for all the rest of our 80+ campers… it wasn’t so pretty.

Now… I realize that it’s summer.  I get it.  There are vacations to be had, things to see, places to go.  BUT… I would HIGHLY recommend that you GET YOUR WORKOUTS SCHEDULED INTO YOUR CALENDAR and then follow through like it’s no body’s biz’ness.

Summer tends to be the time for BBQ’s, margaritas, and ice cream.  Come September, I don’t want to hear how you’ve fallen off and feel like you have to start over.

It’s not like you have to get all OCD to keep your body lookin’ hot this summer.  You can still have your cake and eat it too! (unless you are participating in the “I Luv My Body Clean & Lean 30-day Detox Program”.  But that’s a whole different can of worms)

You’re going to counter balance the summer BBQ party fun by doing a few things:

  1. Get your workouts in (they’ll help you burn some calories, but also keep your mood stabilized and keep your “brain in the game”).  Put them on the Calendar and follow through.   I know you’re not going on vacation all summer…  Put’em in the calendar, and get the job done.  If you only have a few minutes… then check out our Workout of the Week and join in the fun by recording your results.
  2. Keep your food choices smart 80% of the time, and then make sure the AMOUNT you eat is purposeful and small 100% of the time.  This trick alone will help you enjoy your summer in a very mindful, conscious way while still adhering to your goals.
  3. Have some freaking fun. : )  Seriously.  One of the biggest indicators of weight loss resistance is S.T.R.E.S.S.  You need to get out there and have a little fun.  Beach anyone?  How about the mountains?  What about a nice bike ride to the farmers market?  Quality “tag time” with the kiddos?  Smiling, and laughing, and doing things you enjoy will invigorate your soul, compound your endorphins, and have a ginormous effect on your ability to digest food properly and assimilate nutrients to the highest degree.  And often times, when you are truly in the moment enjoying what is, your attention goes to the moment… instead of whatever meal or food is lurking around the corner.  If you need help in this area, I wrote a great blog about emotional eating.  But really… lots can be solved by just having some freaking fun. : )

Speaking of F.U.N.  … If you live in the Bay Area, Get your happy-self out to our first ever Standup PaddleBoard Boot Camp!  All the details can be found here, but all you really need to know is that it’s going to be a blast. : )  Not to mention the fun picnic we’re having afterwards.  It’s all happening on Saturday, June 25th.  You’ll get the opportunity to implement ALL THREE party points above. : )

See you out there.