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First and foremost: Thanks for reaching out! I love doing interviews and speaking at events. To make sure it’s a good fit, check out the stuff I get all fired up about below, then make sure to let me know more about what you have in mind through the webform.

The Topics that fire me up:

True freedom for the feminine – Women will be set free by women who are free. The level at which you experience personal freedom is the level at which you will elevate and free others. We have to ask ourselves: Where are we still trapped with food, body, debt, earning power, relationships, etc? All things eating psychology + body positive – Both have more to do with reaching ideal body weight than you realize.  And while I’m an obvious advocate for healthy food and exercise, it’s only when we realize diet+exercise are just small pieces of the puzzle when it comes to actually feeling comfortable and beautiful in our bodies.  All things habit creation – “Knowing what to do” is pretty useless… the magic pill is learning how to implement habits on a daily basis in order to obtain actual real-life transformation.  Movement (including yoga + fitness), Holistic + Mind-Body Nutrition – the nuts&bolts, the science, and the WHY it’s so important.

For the purpose of crystal clear communication, this is what I happily say no to:

Any requests for network marketing partnerships or joining your team. Please no. Anything off-topic from the examples above. Any type of interview that would require my tribe to have to opt-in. I want my shiz to be free, yo.

Any of the below usually get a big ole’ YES

If it’s a win-win for both of us… Our businesses compliment and we’re happy to share our new found biz friendship with our tribe. If you have a reasonable sized and (even more important) active list You have a mainly female audience.

Ready to Schedule?

I set aside a block of time each week for interviews. (Next available times begin in mid-March.) Keep in mind that right now I’m in Barcelona most of the time (still can’t believe it), so I’m 6 hours ahead of New York, 9 hours ahead of CA. So fill out the form below and if it’s a good fit my team will contact you to get it all scheduled in asap! : )