Free up what weighs you down.

D35A4739That’s what I’m here to do. One of my biggest reasons for being on this earth is to help you live your most AWAKE life in a body crazy freakin’ LOVE.  My passion is to help you free UP what weighs you DOWN.  I’m Audra Baker.  Nice to meet’cha future friend. : )

I’ve helped literally thousands of women, just like you, finally free themselves from unhealthy eating patterns, let go of destructive habits, and return to a loving relationship with food and their bodies.

If you are here, I’m guessing you’ve attempted time and again to diet and exercise your way to feeling good about yourself.

And yet you still don’t have the body you love, and I’m guessing you’re so over it.

Believe me, I feel you.  I spent a good decade of my life going from extreme emotional stress eating, to insane diet/restriction mode, to torturing myself with exercise to help hide my unhealthy eating patterns. One day, I would be totally in control, enjoying my life, moving my body, and eating in a nurturing way.  Then the next day I’d be a blubbering mess, back and forth in the kitchen shoving spoonfuls of whatever was sweet in my mouth while standing in front of the fridge, totally unconscious of what was doing until it was too late.

My whole world revolved around what I was going to eat next, what I wasn’t going to eat, my next workout, how much I hated my body, how jealous I felt when I saw someone with a ‘more perfect’ body, where my next sugar hit was coming from, how I could control my cravings,  and how I could hide the c-r-a-z-y obsessions in my head so no one would figure it out.

This left very little space for creative endeavors or meaningful relationships as I was so wrapped up in my obsessions around food and my body.

What may surprise you is that I was already a holistic nutrition educator and a fitness expert.  Ironically, that actually perpetuated my obsessions, as both of these industries often glorify having a perfect diet or a perfect body.  The problem was that even though I knew what to do, I just kept going back to my destructive patterns and habits.  Until I figured out the why.

I found the miracle answer I was craving. And it wasn’t diet and exercise.

It wasn’t until I cracked the code with eating psychology, mind-body nutrition, yoga, compassion, and empathy, that my life and body literally transformed before my eyes.

The 30-pound weight gain to weight loss roller coaster leveled out to about 15-pounds up and down.  And then to ten.  And then to five. And then?

Well… I don’t know because I no longer own a scale. : )


I now clearly see the connection between my relationship to my emotions and body, and now I have the skill set to feel my feelings, which means I no longer use food to push away the things I don’t want to feel.  It also means I finally figured out how to easily release excess weight and live life at my ideal weight.


This is my biggest transformational learning I want to share with you:  True freedom will never come to you from an eating plan or an exercise regime.

Look, it’s a really dark and lonely place to be when strange, painful, and unhelpful food and eating habits run the show.  You feel defeated and frustrated when you know moving your body is good for you, but you just can’t seem to get moving.  And then the shame you feel thinking everyone else (ie… the skinny girls) has it all together… and you wonder, “what’s wrong with me? why can’t I figure this out?”

I get it.

I want you to know that in the midst of the dark, there is always light.

There is hope.  And there is a different way.

  • You CAN have a healthy relationship with food.
  • You CAN start to feel comfortable in your own skin,
  • You CAN even begin to love your body NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE TODAY.
  • You CAN easily move toward your ideal weight.

I CAN help you free UP what weighs you DOWN, so YOU can live your MOST AWAKE life in a BODY YOU LOVE.

Book some time to talk with me about what you’re dealing with right now and how I can best serve you.

There are a lot of ways we can work together, from
1) becoming a Freedom Insider (totally free btw),
2) ongoing support through my Freedom Tribe Membership,
3) working together one-on-one.


The credentials behind my personal experience.

As I’ve undergone my own transformation, I quit counting so much on my fancy degrees and certifications because the real change for me came out of the trenches of life and grace-filled miracles!

Nonetheless, my personal journey is backed by an extensive foundation:

  • I began teaching fitness when I was 18, and have accumulated more exercise and fitness certifications than you can imagine, from NASM to ACE to Z-health to Zumba, and everything in between.  I wish I had pictures of my early years teaching, but I started teaching waaaay before smart phones and selfies.
  • about-me-page-IMG_4077I have a degree in Kinesiology from  San Jose State University where I graduated cum laude.  True story:  I actually stayed an extra semester because I wanted to take a salsa dance class that conflicted with an upper division bio-mechanics class.  I chose salsa (duh…) and took the serious class a semester later.  Clearly I’m a lover of life and going at my own pace.
  • I grew (and recently sold) my Silicon Valley outdoor fitness company, Be Fit, to a multiple 6-figure company in only 2 short years, helping literally 1,000’s of women (and men!) learn to love moving their bodies and improve their relationship with food.
  • 051I became a Nutrition Educator at the highly acclaimed Bauman College.  I had no interest in becoming a dietitian (ie:   teaching the USDA food pyramid and creating diets for convalescent homes and prisons).  Instead, I learned about real food, holistic nutrition, nutritional therapy, and studied every diet from paleo to vegan and everything in between.
  • Thank God for the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.  While understanding what to eat is important, for 90% of the thousands of clients I’ve worked with… it’s not the problem!  The problem looks more like this:  “Audra, why did I just buy a box of cookies, eat’em all driving around town, then throw away the evidence before I got home?!?!”.  Girl!  We got this!
  • And finally, these last six years have sent me deep into bhakti yoga, where I’ve completed 500-hours with my teacher Stephanie Snyder.  While the asanas (poses) are great for physical health and well being, what drove me so deep into yoga was the out-pouring of love and devotion, which is called “bhakti” — singing, chanting, philosophy, and community all bundled up into a sweaty yogic experience.
    At this moment, the best way to experience my classes and teachings is to join The Freedom Tribe Sister Support. Stay tuned for my California retreat coming Fall 2016.

I’m now highly equipped with the skills to help my clients end the weird shit they do (we all do) around food, like over-eating, stress-eating, mindless-eating, emotional eating, and the awful dieting-binge cycle.  I especially love working with smart+successful women around body image, and have had great success helping reclaim energy, heal digestion, and easily help move my clients to their ideal weight.

Some Fun Stuff…

Wait you wanna know more about my non-biz life?  Well, if you’re still here, lets do it!

In a nutshell, I’m a salsa dancing, snow boarding, lil’ wave surfing, mountain biking babe. Lover of organic tasty foods. Yogini to the core.  I prefer experiences over things.  Relationships over stuff.

If you can’t tell, I’m a luhva of life, and dipping into the daily juiciness of it all while engaging all my senses is my birth-rite (…and yours too). Life’s too damn short to do anything else. Plus it’s way more fun that way.

about-page-DSC00066I’m a born-and-raised in Texas girl who caught the California bug.  So at 18, I made a big bold move and headed west to the sunny San Francisco Bay Area where I went to college and lived my entire adult life.  Well…most of it.

After college, I traveled through Central America for 4-months, then returned to Silicon Valley to start my fitness company. That travel experience planted a seed very-deep-inside-of-me.  So At the end of 2015, I finally made yet another big bold move, but this time it was East.  VERY EAST. As in Spain. I now live in Barcelona with Karuna the wonder dog minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.
Yep… I’m livin’ the dream.  Well… I’m livin’ MY own dream… which is the only dream I should be living, really. I think next up might be Bali.  I’ll keep you posted. : )

I am a true believer in following your bliss.  If we follow those things in life that make our soul sing, we end up living the life we want.  And from this space, all the weird behaviors that don’t serve us, like dipping our french fries into our milkshake while sitting on the kitchen floor, melt away because we’re living our most AWAKE and authentic life.

TRIPLE BOOM!  #ThisIsWhatFREEDOMlookslike

If things seem a little “out of whack” in your life, and not quite the way you imagined your life would be, I can help you free UP what weighs you DOWN.

Lets book some time together to talk about what you’re dealing with right now and how I can best serve you.