Praise 2

Testimonials.StephanieKnight copy


Thanks for getting us all moving Audra….tonight was a family walk with the dog, some thing that hasn’t happened in years.

— Stephanie Knight

Testimonials.Nancy Battel copyIt’s so true, Audra and I agree wholeheartedly that being “on” a diet and then “off” a diet has gotten a lot of us to where we are now! I am learning so much from your expertise–scientific, nutritional, emotional, and physical standpoints–that I’m finally realizing the importance of the emotional component as well! Thank you for being so real this with us!!!

–Nancy Battel, Santa Clara

Testimonials.AmandaMayonium copyI never thought about how eating in a stressed state could affect the way my body processed and digested. Working with you proves weight isn’t a singular problem, therefore it needs a holistic solution; including emotional awareness and presence (my biggest challenge). I’m nervous but hopeful, excited, and ready to learn.

–Amanda Mayonium,  Fresno CA

Testimonials.LoriKahn copyThanks, Audra! I definitely identify with your philosophy that it’s not just about the food.  I can now see how my unhappiness at work was completely connected to why I was overeating.  What you can see you can change.

–Lori Kahn San Jose CA


Testimonials.HeatherFlynn copyI am that emotional eater. I so desire to change that because I DO NOT want to hand that down to my daughter. I also realized that I too needed to deal with working on my emotions and hurt that I have been hiding with food all my life. My husband and baby deserve my best, so thank you for helping me get rid of all of this baggage I carry and surrender it.

–Heather Flynn  Monterey, CA

Testimonials.AmyThorton.SF copyI just wanted to thank you for this program. It’s finally not about food for me this time, which I am just fine with. I really learned a lot about myself, strengths, and weaknesses, and am thankful for the journey, and to have you as a part of it!  Thank you so much, Audra!

–Amy Thorton, San Francisco


Testimonials.AndreaHedley copyI’ve been working on my emotional eating with Audra since struggling with moving from England to California a year ago. Her approach is so completely different to anything I’ve experienced before and I have totally changed the way I treat myself, both food wise and compassion wise for the reasons I am finding life difficult sometimes. I couldn’t recommend Audra highly enough, she’s changed my life.

— Andrea Hedley, Los Gatos CA

Testimonials.LenaPatterson-Cole copyHi Miss Audra, thank you for creating a site where like minded women can come and experience unity, gain wisdom, and encouragement for whatever health situation they’re facing.  After getting to know your philosophies, things began to click. It really put life events into perspective.  I do have goals in sight, but I’m not stressing it. Victory is at hand.  Thank you for what you’re doing.
 God bless.

— Lena Patterson-Cole

Testimonials.SanJoseCA.StaceyPuma copyAudra is one of the most motivating people I have been in contact with. I actually read her Monday motivational emails and videos (which is out of my character). She motivates me to make big changes in my life and I love that she’s very transparent and “real” in sharing her stories.

— Stacie Puma, San Jose CA

Testimonials.HolisterCA.StephanieGwinn copyYou give me the motivation to do a little more & take care of me, which isn’t easy.  Finally finding someone that believes in the same philosophies is so inspiring. I have faith that I’ve found a great match in you to get me, to be me again.

–Stephanie Gwinn, Holister, CA


Testimonials.SanJoseCA.DianeClark copyAudra! I feel so blessed to have you in my life, truly!  You are so dear to both my husband and I.  We love you so much!  Thank you so much for your energy and being my trusted coach through my fitness endeavors and now working through my nutritional concerns and answering all my crazy questions!

–Diane Williams, San Jose, CA

Testimonials.SanJoseCA.JamieCabral copyNone of what I learned was about restricting, but about restructuring my choices.  Audra opened my eyes, and told me it was ok to take care of myself and how focusing on me would be the best thing I could do for myself and my family. Audra changed my life.  I stood at the fork in the road and she guided me to the healthier direction, and knocked down the obstacles I always thought were there. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible 8wks ago, but I’m proof.  Now I make a conscious decision to put me first every day,  to plan my meals, to savor my food and to love myself.  I am so grateful for this opportunity. My lifestyle has changed–I do not diet– I eat. I no longer carry guilt with me when I eat or grocery shop.  I’m so happy I cry from joy and accomplishments! Thank you so much Audra!”

— Jaime Cabral, San Jose CA

Testimonials.Sondra.SaratogaCA. copyThe difference I have found in Audra’s style verse others, is that she takes a hands on approach and becomes committed to your goals!  Audra makes you feel like you are the only one she works with even though both courses I took from her were in groups. I could not have done this without Audra’s assistance. She kept me motivated and on track. When I fell off, she was there to pick me up!

–Sondra, Los Gatos CA

Testimonials.LosGatosCA.LindaHopkins copyI met Audra years ago when she was personal training.  She was tough, in a good way!  Our paths crossed again when I signed up for Be Fit Boot Camps.  I realized that I was going to need more help than just exercising, so I added Audra’s nutrition counseling.  I was expecting the usual don’t eat that..but Audra’s approach is not that way.  She helped me understand WHY I was having a difficult time losing weight.  This has really helped me.  There are a lot of components to being healthy.  Audra has it down!  Audra, Thank you so much!  Love ya!

— Linda Hopkins, Los Gatos CA

Testimonials.AlvordTX.SuzettePennington copyI love your approach. Why haven’t I ever thought of having my higher power help me in this arena? Of course. Along with your other elements…including having fun…I can begin to see how this might work. …this all makes me smile.  –Jerrell Bertolucci

Audra,  I love your approach.  It taps into so much that I have learned on my weight loss journey, you articulate each point so well and concise that it hits home.  This week I have walked 20 miles above my regular schedule, feel my muscles strengthening and am looking forward to each morning, getting up a little earlier each day. Thank you!! You are changing a lot of lives.

— Suzette Pennington, Alvord Texas

Testimonial.LindsayValtierra copyI am ready to keep learning how to change my mindset and stinkin thinking! Boy did I have it so wrong!! Feel so grateful for being set free and being able to instill into my kiddos all I’ve learned! Thanks Audra so very much for this opportunity and sharing your life experiences! Its nice to know I am not alone and all the support in the group is AMAZING!!

–Lindsay Valtierra  Mansfield Texas

Testimonials.MountainViewCA.JuliaS1I have been working with Audra for several months, and after many years of being almost 90 pounds overweight, I have now lost 68 of those pounds! With Audra’s motivation and expertise, I know I will lose the rest. I now have muscle, tone, and strength in my body that I never had before. Audra is a master at knowing how to get the maximum results for your body, and her knowledge of nutrition is extensive. She has more motivation and enthusiasm than anyone else I know.

— Juliette, San Jose

Testimonials.JenniferDeMoss copyAs a bariatric patient, I have struggled with food and emotional eating my entire life. And getting a surgery to help me lose weight didn’t change that. There were still inward factors that I didn’t see causing me to continue to struggle with my weight loss. Audra’s Freedom Project is AMAZING. It will make you think, it will make you feel, and it will make you see food in a completely different light. Rather than focusing on the outward influences of diet and exercise, Audra takes you on an emotional and physiological journey within yourself. This makes this program unlike any other you will find out there. The challenges are thought-provoking, but at the same time realistic and FUN.  I encourage everyone to try it! You have nothing to lose but your bad relationship with food!

— Jennifer Munson

Testimonials.GilroyCA.Lindsay-B4-after copyI know Audra wouldn’t approve : ), but today I stepped on the scale, and I have lost twenty pounds! I have not weighed this little for ten years!  I am down 16 inches and two pants sizes!  I only have one chin! My body goes with me as I move; it no longer jiggles behind trying to catch up!  I feel amazing.  I am not sure how long it’s been since I felt this great!  I am able handle stress better than ever, even though the amount of stress I have is the highest it has ever been.  I have a ton of energy; my body was getting strong  and my soul feels rejuvenated!  I enjoy the overall feelings of better health too much to ever go backwards!

— Lindsay, Gilroy CA

Testimonials.Ginger-Gilroy copyI gained self confidence, energy, and am now a role model for my kids–and I got my sexy back!  I no longer dread getting dressed in the morning wondering what I am going to wear that will not feel too tight or show the slight rolls I had.  Now I can wear anything in my closet and know I will feel good in it because I feel good about myself in general.  I have put exercise back on the list of things to do each day and I know now that I can make the changes and stick to them.

— Ginger, Gilroy

Testimonials.Susan-B4-after copyWhen I learned about Audra’s fitness program, I knew this was my summer to reshape my body.  I carved out a slice of “me time” in the 6am hour and got busy.  After my first body composition test at the beginning June, I weighed 144 ans was over 34% body fat.  At the second test less than 3 months later, I weighed 132 and had lost 8.8% of my body fat.  I also put on 3lb of muscle during those 11 weeks.

— Susan, Los Gatos CA

Testimonials.Beth.LosGatosCA-300x219 copyI took my measurements last night and I’m so excited about the results I just had to share!  Since starting with Audra 16 days ago, I’ve lost 8 pounds, which translates into 1.5inches from my hips and 3 inches from my waist!!!  Even more exciting — this morning I tried on a pair of pants I’ve had buried in my closet since before the birth of my first child almost six year ago, and they FIT!!!!!  Needless to say, I’m thrilled!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

— Beth, Los Gatos CA

Just when I feel like I want to give up, something you say comes through and it continues to remind me that we must continue to fight and determine what it is we each want.  Thanks for your vulnerability and your continuous insight and motivation.

— Adriana Conner

Your Motivational emails have been super helpful and your site is absolutely inspirational. I admire the work you do. 🙂

–Erin McGann Campbell, CA

Thank you Audra, it’s nice to hear a bit of honesty

–Leonne Thatcher