I spent years of my life feeling extremely unworthy.

I had social anxiety (I NEVER went to parties in my 20’s).  I smoked cigarettes and tried to act “cool and confident” in an attempt to fit in.

But building confidence on top of a sense of unworthiness or not deserving of it… it’s fake.  It doesn’t have “sticking power”.

For instance… if you start to implement healthy habits, you start eating healthier, exercising, losing the weight… lets say you reach your goal

But if there’s something inside of you that doesn’t believe your worthy or even deserving of having this healthy life and reaching your goals… you’ll self-sabotage and gain all the weight back (despite your best efforts).

Because here’s the thing:

Our levels of “worthiness” and “desveringness” are handed to us in our childhood.

And if we struggle in adulthood with having solid self-care habits…

Eating healthy


Getting enough sleep

Creating healthy boundaries

Always self-sabotaging our best efforts…

….it becomes our “work” as adults to increase worthiness so we can experience true confidence!

In today’s video I teach you 3 powerful tools that start to release the shackles of your past and move you into the highest levels of true self confidence!


xoxo, Audra

PS. I wish the 20-year old Audra had these practices and tips back then, but honestly, I’m glad I have them now…. and even more importantly…

I’m glad I’m in a position to be able to share this wisdom with you!

PPS.  Tomorrow I’ll be announcing the BEST masterclass I’ve ever put together for you.  I’m so excited to teach you how to get to the other side and feel self-confidence down to your bones!!!! Stay tuned!