Transformation and Giving Back… it’s what life is all about : )

Happy Monday Morning!

You wanna know what inspires me more than anything else?

Well, two things actually.

First I love listening to other people’s success stories.  Not just health and fitness, but with anything.

When someone has been faced with a challenge or obstacle in their life and have faced it squarely, chosen the curvy, less traveled unpaved road of transformation, and come out on top despite numerous odds, I get tears in my eyes and Goosebumps all over… because this is surely the juice that life is made of!

And even though we get all caught up with the “final product”, like an “after picture” or “Now they finally have their degree”, or “Now they’re sober”… I think what’s really inspiring is not the final product, but everything that had to happen to get to where they are now.

Every shift in body, mind, perception, heart, and soul…. that’s where the juice is.

And it’s usually not very sexy.

This is what I loved about story of one of our winners of the 21-day Charity Boot Camp we just wrapped up.  There’s only so much transformation that can occur in 21-days, but what I loved about her story wasn’t so much that yes, now she can fit into her dream wedding dress, or that she has more energy, or that she dropped 7.5 total inches over the course of the 3-weeks…

All that’s great.  But when she said:
I realized that the most critical piece was simply completing the 21 days and putting “MY 100% into the program. Whatever resulted from that was simply icing on the cake.”

The journey is always what gets you there.  The blood, sweat, and tears.  The transformation of thought and the willingness to do what you know you need to do despite not being in the mood.  And truthfully…. ESPECIALLY when you are not in the mood.

How are you going to show up right now… TODAY on your journey?

Inspire someone (yourself?) today by facing your obstacle squarely, and CHOSE the curvy, less traveled unpaved road.

Love,  Audra :  )

PS… the second thing that inspires me is giving back!  Saturday was not only the wrap up of our 21-day Challenge, but also our Pushup for Charity event!  Check out the quick fun video and if you are moved, support our cause to help our wounded warriors coming home from war!