This has been by far the most profound, life changing year of my life, and I imagine the year coming up (gasp…in a few short weeks…) will be another big one.   I’ve spent so much time and money on “bettering my lot in life” and a huge part of that has been taking care of myself on multiple planes of my life, from bettering my relationships, business, and finances, to finally showing up in the world by giving back.  (We raised over $7000 for various charities this year!)

But when we go through life changing periods, it’s easy for self-doubt to creep in along with its friend fear.

I see it all the time when working with my clients to change their health and fitness.

I KNOW without a doubt in my body, the ability my clients have to change their body, to gain their health, and to show up for their life.  Often times, I believe in them more than they sometimes believe in themselves.  And that’s what a coach does.  That’s what MY coaches do for me, and that’s exactly what we do for our clients.

I came upon this video and it literally sent chills up my spine.  I did not intend to watch the whole thing, but couldn’t help it.  I especially loved the part where the coach puts the blindfold on.  What a great analogy for when life throws every possible obstacle in your way, and we use those cues as a reason to stop.  This is a great coach.  What a great lesson to teach his student.

Have you ever gotten so close to finishing something, or changing something in your life, only to stop short?  The truth is, the work required to see it through to the absolute end is often the hardest part.  But that’s where the most profound growth and change occur.  It’s when the pain gets a little more than we can handle…this is where the magic lies.  We CAN do better.  You and me.  Every single one of us has the capacity to show up 100% and be a role model and leader to others in our life.  We CAN do more than we are doing.  The human spirit is capable of moving mountains, and that human spirit lives inside of you and me.

When I pull out another “impossible” Wednesday Workout of the Week, or Kat plans out a workout that includes 100 burpees, and your mind thinks it’s impossible, I am here to tell you that it is time to GIVE IT YOUR VERY BEST.  The only way to get to the other side is by going through.  Our job is to prove to you that you CAN 100% DO IT, and your job is to show up for your life, not only by taking responsibility for yourself, but being a leader and role model to those who YOU MOST AFFECT!

Where in your life have you fallen short?  Where in your life have you PUSHED to the end to experience the gift of profound growth?  Share it below and have an AWESOME DAY!